Thursday, July 14, 2011

To all "artists who blog" fans: I'd love to hear your suggestions!

Hi everyone! I would love to get your feedback on a project I've been working on for a long time.

I'm putting the finishing touches on my new e-course this week, and I'd really like to get some advice from you. It has been a true labor of love during the past 10 months as I have written, edited, and put lots of heart, soul, and my personal stories into this course.

In a nutshell, I've developed this e-course to help you:
  • boost your self-confidence and find the courage to pursue your creative dreams
  • create new work more often and avoid getting stuck in ruts
  • devlop multiple income streams and make a living from your creative work
  • nurture yourself and stay balanced in the process
  • connect with others and build a network of positive support
  • expand your horizons through daily adventure projects
  • celebrate your creative spirit and add more joy, fun, and color to your life

I'll be sharing lots of fun activities each week with new illustrations and artwork, plus 12 exclusive, in-depth artist interviews created especially for this e-course. There is another special bonus surprise coming up which I will unveil next week. I'm really excited about this project, and I can't wait to tell you all the details!

I wanted to hear from you today about any specific topics you'd like to see me cover, and gather your suggestions as I get the course ready to share with you and the world.

Especially for those of you who enjoy my artists who blog series of interviews: if there are particular artists, designers, crafters, creative bloggers, writers, coaches, or anyone else you'd love to see me interview, please let me know with your comments.

Thanks so much for your time and feedback! I really appreciate it! Big hugs from Munich!


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